Ottawa West

Looking to relocate? Looking to settle? Look no further West End of Ottawa might be what you and your family have been looking for! The West End of Ottawa is ever so flourishing with life. The possibilities are endless and the neighbourhoods are surrounded by parks, bike baths, shopping malls around every bend, auto repair shops, just to name a few.

The West End stretches such a vast portion of the city, yet gives you the feeling of home sweet home. You can find yourself in quiet Crystal Beach, or Arlington Woods, Sheahan Estates, Redwood Park, but if you thrive off adventure and a fast paced lifestyle well, West End has that also. Merivale is always full of energy and life, or Kanata, Centrepointe, Central Park, Woodroffe/Western Parkway, where the restaurants are just divine. With trails in the winter for cross country skiers to beaches and patios West End has it all for the family. Find out today if Ottawa West End is right for you!

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