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Integrating all real estate functions under one roof.

The critical role of the real estate agent in the real estate transaction. Many buyers and sellers are unaware of the actual value that a real estate agent provides during a real estate transaction. This requires professional knowledge, attention to detail, a high level of monitoring and communication, as well as hard work to make a successful real estate transaction. Our team is made up of people with the type of character and qualities you want from your side.

Buying, selling or renting a new apartment, a new home is sometimes complex real estate projects. For each stage of your project and whatever it may be, John sanders realtor provide you with the best support: from the price estimation of your property to the simulation of your monthly payments and the calculation of the surplus-value. .


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Everyone talks about service….but I am not afraid of putting in a little extra elbow grease. I understand that buying or selling a home, investment property or leasing property are all important milestones and require extra attention. I recommend professional stagers, getting mortgage pre-approval, providing market education for home buyers. My goal is to make the whole process more enjoyable and less stressful for my clients and customers. I will find the perfect home for you.

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